Buying VS Rental Trade Show Displays

Buying VS Rental: Trade Show Displays

A crucial decision businesses must make when preparing for trade exhibitions is purchasing or renting their displays. Both the bottom line and the company’s ability to adapt and showcase its brand at each event are affected by this decision. We’ll go over all the benefits and drawbacks of buying vs. renting trade show displays so you can make an informed decision that will boost your brand’s exposure and success.

Trade Show Rental Benefits



The versatility of renting a booth at a trade show is second to none. Rental options allow businesses to adapt and evolve, which is excellent for organizations that rarely exhibit or want to change the style of their booth to fit new themes. This allows you to customize your brand’s impression at each show by altering the booth’s size, layout, and appearance.

Time and Money Saved

For businesses that rarely only participate in trade exhibitions sometimes, renting can be a more economical option. When you rent, you save money in the long run because you won’t have to pay for storage or repairs. Experts in the field have found that trade show display rentals can save you up to 33% compared to buying one, leaving you with more money to use toward improving your trade show marketing.

Easy and Stress-Free Process

Convenience is another major perk of renting. LivePicture Displays handle the logistics for transporting, setting up, and breaking down the displays. Your team can put all their energy into the show and engaging with prospective customers because this service handles the logistics.

Setting up trade show rental display

Use of Up-to-Date Designs

Renting allows you to take advantage of cutting-edge trade show technology and designs without having to spend the whole budget on a purchase. To keep you ahead of the curve with high-quality, contemporary displays that stand out, LivePicture Trade Show Displays frequently changes its rental inventory.

Trade Show Rentals

Advantages of Purchasing Trade Show Displays Full Agency and Personalization


Total Control and Customization

When you buy a display, you can modify it to fit your brand’s needs. This solution is ideal for companies that wish to maintain a consistent brand presence while attending many exhibitions. With custom trade show displays, you can create a one-of-a-kind booth that perfectly represents your business because the possibilities are endless in terms of design, materials, and functionality.

Value for Money Over Time

Regular participants in trade shows may find purchasing a display cheaper in the long run. Although the initial investment is substantial, owning a booth eliminates ongoing rental fees, making it a financially sensible choice as it can be used repeatedly without incurring additional costs. This one-time investment can lead to significant cost savings as the display continues to serve your needs at multiple events.

The Consistency of Brands Over Time

Owning your trade show booth ensures that you have full control over how your brand is showcased at every event. Consistent branding is crucial as it helps in building brand recognition and recall among attendees. When your presentation remains uniform across various shows, it reinforces your corporate identity and can significantly enhance brand loyalty among your target audience.

Customizable video display booths

Concessions on Expensive Up-Front Expenses

It might be intimidating for startups and smaller businesses to think about the initial investment required to design and construct a unique trade show booth. Even while this upfront cost may be limiting, it’s an investment in your brand’s presence and influence at trade fairs, which may pay off with increased interaction and possible leads.

Important Factors for Logistics 

The logistics of owning a trade show display involve not just the initial setup but also ongoing maintenance, storage, and transportation. These factors require careful planning and resource allocation, as managing a display can be complex and demanding. Businesses must weigh these logistical demands against the benefits of having a ready-to-use, customized display at every trade show.

Hardness to Change 

Once a custom booth is purchased, making changes to its design or features can be challenging and costly. If there are shifts in marketing strategy or branding, adapting the existing booth to align with new objectives may require additional investment and effort. This rigidity can limit your ability to pivot your trade show strategy as quickly as market conditions or your business needs change.

LivePicture’s White Glove Approach

Even after you’ve made a purchase, your collaboration with LivePicture Trade Show Video Displays is far from over. Our white-glove approach to is our specialty, and we’re here to help our clients in any way we can. Our staff is here 24/7 to assist you with any issue you may be having, whether it’s a problem with your equipment or just some general guidance on how to get the most out of your new video display. When you work with LivePicture, you’re not simply buying a product; you’re also becoming a partner in making sure the product serves your needs and improves your trade show experiences for years to come. Feel free to contact us whenever you need. We are committed to providing you with the assistance and resources you need to enhance your journey.
Trade Show Display Booth

LivePicture Displays: Transforming the Way People Engage with Trade Shows

When you work with LivePicture Displays, you’re getting more than simply trade show displays; you’re getting dynamic, immersive settings that hold people’s attention. Our products and services help you stand out at trade shows and make the most of every interaction, whether you want to buy or rent.

Innovative Buying Choices

  • Versatile and Engaging Displays: LivePicture’s displays offer a 48″ x 114″ 8k image area for real-time manipulation of materials, ideal for vivid and engaging presentations, movies, and software demos. Touchscreen capabilities transform the booth into a dynamic content library, allowing visitors to interact directly with the material, including demos and video chats.
  • Immersive TechnologiesAugmented reality “digital twins” created by our technologists provide a high-fidelity, immersive experience, enhancing visitor engagement. The displays have direct access to storage services like Box or Dropbox and streaming platforms such as Spotify and Vimeo/YouTube, ensuring that content is always fresh and accessible.
  • Enhanced Interactivity and Branding: Incorporate live remote expert sessions via webcam for interactive Q&A and virtual tours, extending your booth’s reach. Use the optional sound bar for high-quality audio, and customize every surface with stretch fabric inserts for a professional brand presentation.
  • Efficient and Flexible Design: Our video displays are designed for quick adaptation, from multi-panel arrangements to single banners, all within a compact 24-inch deep structure that operates on standard 110v power. Constructed from durable aluminum extrusions, the displays can be set up in just fifteen minutes, allowing more time for trade show strategy planning.

Rental Services with Zero Hassle


With LivePicture Displays, whether you choose buying or renting a video display, may rest assured that everything will go well. Our staff will take responsibility for both processes to ensure a smooth setup and deconstruction of your display at the trade show. With our service, you won’t have to worry about the details of your display setup so that you can give your whole attention to the event.

Final Thoughts: Assessing Your Choices

Whether you should purchase or rent your trade show exhibit depends on several criteria, including how often you participate in trade shows, your budget, your brand strategy, and your logistical capabilities. Each solution has pros and cons; picking the best one for your company will depend on your future trade show objectives.

To accommodate various company types and goals, LivePicture Displays provides both rental and buying alternatives. To help you make the best choice possible, our specialists are here to answer all your questions and provide guidance at every step. We ensure your trade show experience is as smooth and impactful as possible, whether you want to rent or own.

Contact us at to learn more about our cutting-edge solutions and plot out your next trade show strategy. We are excited to work with you to make an impression at your next trade show!

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