LivePicture 455 Trade Show Display

LivePicture Trade Show Displays

What’s included:

  • Four 55″ 4K displays with mounting brackets
  • Scaffolds that break down into manageable pieces
  • 4-Port Image Generator for running display content
  • Hardware to convert display into any configuration 
  • All connectors needed to run the display and computer
  • Branded stretch fabric banners to cover the lower half of the display
  • Branded stretch fabric covers for covering the shipping crates (No need to store on location)
  • US Border and Customs approved shipping Roadie Cases
  • Content Creation instructions and templates
  • Assembly instructions and a one-hour Zoom-based meeting to show your staff the details of assembly.

Setup and takedown are simple, and use one 6mm hex-wrench tool. Overall, from the time you open your crates til it’s running, setup takes about 20 minutes. Less when you’ve done it a couple of times. Content can be anything from PowerPoint to fully animated movies, software simulations, web content, streamed content, etc. Anything your imagination can create. Load the content on your image generators and double click.

Why do we call it a marketing machine?

LivePicture’s signature four-panel display might look like mild-mannered Clark Kent, but a Marketing Super Hero awaits just under the hood.

Engaging Immersive Content | A 48″ x 114″ 8k image area for presentations, movies, software demos, and whatever content you wish, all controlled by you, in real-time.

Touchscreen Capability | With a touchscreen option, you can transform your display into a content library controlled by a single touchscreen panel. Spin up demos, movies, or video calls on demand directly from your display.

Augmented Reality | Our technologists can work with your developers and engineers to create “digital twins” of your products, allowing them to be viewed in high-fidelity augmented reality on nearly any device or headset.

Web-Enabled | Source content directly from your Box or Dropbox accounts, websites, and apps, as well as streaming services like Spotify or Vimeo/YouTube channels.

Remote Expert Sessions | Keep your valuable subject matter experts productive by leaving them in the office! By leveraging an optional web camera and an internet connection, your display becomes a platform for on-demand Q&A sessions, remote interviews, factory tours, or virtual board meetings.

Sound Bar | Provide high-quality, full stereo sound for your videos or demos with an add-on sound bar. Or, turn your display into the world’s most incredible jukebox – it’s up to you!

Optional Locking Presentation Table/Crating Solution | Are you tired of waiting for your crates to show up so you can ship your display back? Our innovative crating is integrated into your display, cleans up using proprietary stretch fabric, and can even provide locked storage during the event. As an added bonus, it also provides a charging station for all your team’s devices.

Custom Branding | Every LivePicture display surface can easily be custom-branded using stretch fabric inserts, ensuring your brand is fully displayed throughout the event.

Fully Integrated CRM Functionality | The heart and soul of a LivePicture display is a robust computer workstation capable of running whatever content you throw at it. Available in everything from ultra-small form factor sizes to multi-GPU compute workhorses, your content, and demos will always shine. Integrated with your CRM, it can also automatically fire off your marketing workflows or drip campaigns without any additional work.

Completely Configurable | Change from a four-panel display to a single banner option in a snap, and conveniently store your remaining scaffolds in the crate if you want to make a change on the fly.

Size | Less than 24 inches deep, your display takes up much less square footage than a typical “pop-up” display.

Power | LivePicture displays run perfectly on a typical 110v power drop without power interruptions or overloads.

Durability and Easy Setup | Our displays are fabricated from the strongest aluminum extrusions on the market. Gone are the days of broken scaffolds with worn-out connectors. Setup takes about 15 minutes, from the scaffold construction to TV mounting, leaving you more time to take care of business.

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