Using Virtual reality at trade show event

Using Virtual Reality in Your Trade Show Display

Virtual and augmented reality have become powerful partners for trade exhibitions in this age of ever-changing digital landscapes. These technologies might not just be passing fads; they could totally change how businesses compete in the market. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) give businesses a new and exciting way to show off their goods at trade shows, which can bring in more customers and make an impact that lasts.

The Next Big Thing in Trade Shows: Augmented and Virtual Reality

Testing a Car Using VR at a Trade Show Event

Integrating AR and VR into your booth can significantly boost trade fair attendance. Tech advances have made it possible to create more personalized and interesting content. This serves two purposes: it shows off your goods and creates an emotional connection between your business and its customers. Augmented and virtual reality can help you show off your goods in a way that text and pictures alone can’t. Make yourself stand out.

Exploring the Extensive Surroundings of AR and VR

Numerous methods exist for obtaining AR and VR, and you should consider your goals, available resources, and target audience when deciding which method to use:

  • The most common and simple type of augmented reality is mobile augmented reality, which lets people interact with digital material on their phones. With this technology, you can add more information, interactive videos, or 3D models to real-world things, and it works great.
  • Wearing an augmented reality headset allows customers to virtually try out your products or services in a more lifelike setting.
  • The peak of user immersion is achieved by virtual reality (VR), which engrosses users in an entirely synthetic environment. Using it, you may showcase your items in different settings while also telling your company’s story.

A Thorough Guide to Using Interactive VR at Your Trade Show Booth

Using virtual reality in your trade show exhibit could seem daunting at first. Still, it may greatly improve your display if done correctly. The first step is this: 

Storytelling With Your Brand

  • Introduce New items: Give them a chance to virtually try out your items and see all the cool things they can do with them. 
  • Take a virtual tour of your facilities.
  • Tell the story of your manufacturing process.
  • Narrate your brand’s journey using virtual reality. 
  • Virtual Reality Product Demonstrations: Showcase your products’ ability to alleviate typical customer problems. 

Using VR at a Trade Show Event

Elevate Your Trade Show Presence with Virtual Reality (VR)

Boost Engagement Through Interactive Experiences:

  • VR technology can transform a standard trade show booth into a dynamic, interactive experience, drawing attendees from across the show floor. Imagine a scenario where visitors are not just looking at a product but are immersed in a virtual world where they can interact with it. 
  • For instance, a company specializing in outdoor equipment could use VR to transport visitors to virtual mountain trails or campsites, allowing them to experience the products in their intended environment. This level of engagement increases the time attendees spend at your booth, enhancing brand recall.

Generate More Leads by Standing Out:

  • In the competitive environment of a trade show, offering an unforgettable VR experience can significantly differentiate your booth. 
  • Consider a real estate company that uses VR to give potential clients virtual tours of properties. This not just showcases the properties in a unique and immersive way but also creates a memorable experience that attendees are likely to share with others, thereby extending your reach and potentially increasing leads.

Showcase Uniqueness and Innovation:

  • Utilizing VR at your booth signals to attendees that your company is at the cutting edge of technology. 
  • A tech startup, for example, could use VR to demonstrate a complex software solution in a simplified, understandable manner, allowing attendees to virtually experience the software’s impact. This not only makes your booth stand out but also positions your brand as a forward-thinking innovator.

Facilitate In-Depth Product Demonstrations

  • VR provides a solution for showcasing products that are too large, complex, or impractical to bring to the show. 
  • A manufacturing company might use VR to offer a detailed tour of a large piece of machinery, highlighting its features and benefits in a way that would be impossible with just pictures or videos. This enables potential clients to gain a thorough understanding of the product without the need for physical presence.

Best Practices for Incorporating VR into Your Trade Show Strategy

Clearly Define VR Goals and Objectives:

VR Robotics Perspective at a Trade Show Event

  • Start by identifying what you want to achieve with VR—whether it’s increased brand awareness, lead generation, or product education. Setting clear objectives helps tailor the VR content to meet these goals. 
  • For example, a company launching a new product might focus its VR experience on product education and feature highlights, ensuring that attendees leave with a strong understanding of the product’s value proposition.

Select the VR Experience That Aligns with Your Objectives:

  • The right VR experience should match your company’s goals and resonate with your target audience. 
  • A luxury car brand might opt for a high-end VR test drive experience, allowing attendees to feel the thrill of driving a new model through exotic locales, effectively engaging potential customers by aligning with their interests and aspirations.

Ensure Safety and Comfort in the VR Experience:

  • It’s crucial to design VR experiences that are accessible and comfortable for all users. This includes considering factors like motion sickness and providing clear instructions on use. 
  • Setting up a dedicated space for VR activities with seating options can help manage comfort and safety for participants.

Effectively Promote Your VR Offering:

  • To maximize engagement, promote your VR experience before and during the trade show through social media, email campaigns, and signage at the event. 
  • A cosmetic brand could create a teaser video of a VR makeup tutorial available at their booth, sparking interest and drawing attendees to experience it firsthand.

Prepare Your Team to Facilitate the VR Experience:

  • Well-trained staff are essential to guide visitors through the VR experience smoothly. This includes explaining how to use the VR equipment, answering questions about the content, and managing the flow of participants. 
  • A brief training session before the event can equip your team with the knowledge and skills to ensure a seamless experience for attendees.

Displays at Virtual Reality Trade Shows That Have Been Successful 

Here are a couple of instances of organizations that have successfully utilized virtual reality in their trade fair displays: 


Using virtual reality, Ford showcased its new GT supercar at the Detroit Auto Show. You can experience the car’s performance and characteristics in a simulated environment by taking a virtual test drive. 


To make their exhibit stand out at the Mobile World Congress, Cisco utilized virtual reality to build an immersive experience. Guests were whisked away to a fantastical realm where they could engage unusually and fascinatingly with Cisco’s wares. 


At the SAPPHIRE NOW conference, SAP showcased its software solutions using virtual reality. Attendees could virtually explore SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise showroom and see firsthand how technology powers innovation and transformation in enterprises. 

Take Advantage of LivePicture, the Next Generation of Trade Shows 

The key to a future exhibit lies in Using VR in Trade Show Events, captivating and educating visitors in unprecedented ways. Regarding augmented reality (AR) trade show displays, LivePicture is leading the pack and can completely modify the effect of your booth. Imagine showcasing digital twins of your milling machines, complemented by embedded videos and feature overlays. This allows your clients to delve into the product’s features and capabilities in depth, all made possible by our Trade show display rental service, eliminating the need for shipping, setup, and operation. By incorporating interactive video material, LivePicture’s displays aim to captivate pedestrians and lead them into an immersive augmented reality “solutions deck.” By doing so, you can easily incorporate them into your lead generation workflow while immersing them in your goods’ distinct benefits. If you use LivePicture, your trade fair presence will be an engaging, informative, and entertaining experience that will make you stand out in a competitive business. Check out our displays below and ask us to incorporate VR/AR at your event!

LivePicture Trade Show Displays

What does our Custom Video Trade Show Displays Include?

What’s included:

  • Multiple 55″ 4K displays with mounting brackets
  • Scaffolds that break down into manageable pieces
  • Image Generators for running display content
  • Hardware to convert display into any configuration 
  • All connectors needed to run the display and computer
  • Branded stretch fabric banners to cover the lower half of the display
  • Branded stretch fabric covers for covering the shipping crates (No need to store on location)
  • US Border and Customs approved shipping Roadie Cases
  • Content Creation instructions and templates
  • Assembly instructions and a one-hour Zoom-based meeting to show your staff the details of assembly.

Setup and takedown are simple, and use one 6mm hex-wrench tool. Overall, from the time you open your crates till it’s running, setup takes about 20 minutes. Less when you’ve done it a couple of times. Content can be anything from PowerPoint to fully animated movies, software simulations, VR/AR capabilities, web content, streamed content, etc. Anything your imagination can create. Load the content on your image generators and double click.

Making the Most of Augmented and Virtual Reality for Memorable Expo Experiences 

Trade show displays that use augmented and virtual reality technology are more than just a passing fad; they represent a sea change in how brands engage with consumers. Consider enhancing your trade fair presence using AR and VR to make your business stand out in a competitive industry. These technologies provide immersive, interactive, and memorable experiences. Due to the innovative use of these technologies, there will be further innovations in trade show engagement, narrative, and brand display. 


Q: In what ways may augmented and virtual reality enhance participation at trade shows? 

A: By offering interactive, immersive experiences that are educational and entertaining, AR/VR may significantly increase visitor engagement. 

Q: Can my trade fair booth easily use augmented and virtual reality technologies? 

A: Increasing visitor engagement and brand effect through integrating AR/VR into your trade show booth needs some thought and expense, but it is definitely worth it. 

Q: Can augmented and virtual reality systems be adapted to suit various goods and services? 

A: In a heartbeat! To make your trade fair display stand out and impress, consider using augmented or virtual reality experiences that showcase your items’ distinctive qualities.

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